Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carden Realty Mystic Pointe - Carden Realty Opens New Office!

CardenRealty & Investments has opened its second location in Aventura, FL. The new location resides in the center of Mystic Pointe Aventura, and is now the exclusive real estate agency located onsite. Mystic Pointe Aventura is home to over 2,000 condominiums, and now Carden Realty can cater to them conveniently located right across from the Mystic Pointe Master Association office.  The Aventura Real Estate market is booming into the 2013 new year, and the new Mystic Pointe Real Estate experts at Carden Realty are ready to assist you in finding your Mystic Pointe Condo For Sale or Rent. Broker Anthony Carcasses says he's "excited to begin marketing the Mystic Pointe Aventura Condos market".

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Carden Realty Posts New Information Page on Regalia Miami in Sunny Isles Beach 

Jonathan Carcasses was given an exclusive sneak peak at the Regalia project and had this to say:

As a Realtor in Sunny Isles with over 11 years of experience, I can say I have been a first hand witness at the transformation the skyline of Sunny Isles Beach has taken. Many Realtor's market themselves as a Regalia specialist, but have never seen the site first hand. I am lucky enough to say I have, and astonishing is an adjective that only begins to describe this oceanfront property they call Regalia. Though still in late stage construction, I was able to see how the units are taking their form, from the over sized kitchens, beautiful spa like bathrooms, his and hers closets and the only true 360 panoramic views of ocean and city I have seen. The fact that you can literally walk around the entire building from your balcony is simply something out of a fiction book that Regalia has brought to real life. So if someone were to ask me if I liked what I saw , my answer would be "oh yes"! Regalia Sunny Isles is simply one of a kind. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Carden Realty Issues Its First Weekly Market Report For Condos For Sale In Sunny Isles Beach!

Carden Realty Issues Its First Weekly Market Report For Condos For Sale In Sunny Isles Beach!

March 9th 2012
Realtor Jonathan Carcasses of Carden Realty & Investments Inc. is at it again! Presenting a market breakdown, the first of many weekly updates to get property information on whats selling and whats for sale in Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, Hallandale, Hollywood,Miami Beach, South Beach, Downtown Miami and Brickell.
Below you will find a comprehensive and accurate list of real estate sold and for sale in South Florida! Check back weekly for more market updates by Carden Realty & Investments Inc
Below is a list of all real estate that has sold in the last 7 days:

Complex NameList Price#Beds#FB#HBAddressSale PriceDOMCITYCDTR
Atlantic II at the Point799,00033121150 POINT PL # 2604790,00017AVENTUR3/5/2012CASH
Bellamare650,0002206000 ISLAND BL # 103570,00022AVENTUR3/6/2012CASH
Yacht Club395,00022021055 YACHT CLUB DR # 1404380,00011AVENTUR3/7/2012CASH
CLIPPER378,00032118151 NE 31 CT # 1817345,000559AVENTUR3/9/2012CASH
Harbor side at Waterways364,9003203640 YACHT CLUB DR # 1610345,00021AVENTUR3/6/2012CASH
HARBORSIDE349,9002203640 YACHT CLUB DR # 809320,00031AVENTUR3/5/2012CASH
TURNBERRY TOWERS325,00022019355 TURNBERRY WY # 4-E295,000113AVENTUR3/5/2012CASH
AVENTI200,0003202965 NE 185 ST # 1513200,00067AVENTUR3/6/2012OTHER
PARK CENTRAL120,0002203300 NE 191 ST # 1114145,0000AVENTUR3/5/2012CASH
KENILWORTH CONDO525,00022010205 COLLINS AV # 403455,50044BALHARBR3/5/2012CASH
BAL HARBOUR 101525,00023010155 COLLINS AV # 407480,000272BALHARBR3/6/2012CASH
Las Olas Landing550,000441202 SE 10TH TE # 202590,000143FORTLAUD3/6/2012CONV
Mill Lofts499,900220410 NW 1st Ave # 704490,0003FORTLAUD3/5/2012CASH
Porta Luna Townhomes399,0003311120 NE 17TH WY # 9364,50089FORTLAUD3/7/2012CONV
WATERGARDEN370,500220347 N NEW RIV # 911353,00040FORTLAUD3/8/2012CONV
Victoria Park349,500331920 NE 16th Ter # 4300,00015FORTLAUD3/5/2012CONV
Symphony Condominium239,000220600 W Las Olas Blvd # 201S232,000101FORTLAUD3/6/2012CASH
Avenur Lofts Phase IV 302225,000220444 NW 1ST AV # 302225,000455FORTLAUD3/5/2012CONV
The Grove at River Oaks165,0002212528 SW 14th Ave # 1002140,0001FORTLAUD3/8/2012CONV
Hawthorne East145,000220711 N Birch Rd # 304133,00071FORTLAUD3/6/2012CASH
2080 OCEAN500,0003202080 S OCEAN DR # 611460,000421HALLNDLE3/8/2012CASH
BEACH CLUB370,0003301800 S OCEAN DR # 907360,000524HALLNDLE3/5/2012CASH
Towers of Oceanview South259,000220600 PARKVIEW DR # 321240,00017HALLNDLE3/7/2012CASH
plaza tower north200,0002201833 S OCEAN DR # 1501190,00031HALLNDLE3/7/2012CASH
Plaza Towers North163,00022  1833 S OCEAN DR # 1508145,00039HALLNDLE3/6/2012CASH
TOWERS OF OCEANVIEW159,900220200 LESLIE DR # 219141,00011HALLNDLE3/6/2012CASH
OLYMPUS147,90022  500 THREE ISLANDS BL # M-15149,00014HALLNDLE3/9/2012CASH
Towers of Oceanview129,000111400 LESLIE DR # 626129,00023HALLNDLE3/7/2012CONV
HEMISPHERES100,0000101965 S OCEAN DR # 15 J78,00070HALLNDLE3/5/2012CASH
HEMISPHERES83,0000101965 S Ocean Dr # 14H90,000113HALLNDLE3/7/2012CASH
TOWNHOUSE VILLAS105,9002201409 N 15TH AV # 1098,50098HOLLYWD3/5/2012CASH
Hollywood Beach Resort99,750120101 N OCEAN DR # 78890,000153HOLLYWD3/6/2012CASH
Centerville Condo90,0002202020 TAYLOR ST # 1C80,00029HOLLYWD3/6/2012CASH
OAKS CONDO55,0001114111 STIRLING RD # 40552,00025HOLLYWD3/5/2012CASH
Carriage Hills49,900220300 BERKLEY RD # 20137,00019HOLLYWD3/6/2012CASH
Kings Way18,1091102837 PIERCE ST # 1622,50039HOLLYWD3/8/2012CASH
OAK LANE TOWNHOMES849,0003317410 SW 56 CT # 0830,000855MIAMI3/7/2012CASH
TWO TEQUESTA POINT CONDO700,000220808 BRICKELL KEY DR # 3605700,000464MIAMI3/5/2012CONV
Icon Brickell Condo459,000110475 Brickell Ave # 2211375,000844MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
ICON BRICKELL395,000110475 BRICKELL AV # 2012370,000155MIAMI3/8/2012CASH
One Miami East349,000220335 S BISCAYNE BL # 3708320,00018MIAMI3/9/2012CASH
QUANTUM ON THE BAY205,0001101900 BAYSHORE DR # 3010195,000148MIAMI3/7/2012CASH
Brickell Roads Townhomes190,0002201611 SW 2 CT # A110190,000367MIAMI3/8/2012CONV
The LOFT 1 Downtown185,000220234 NE 3 ST # 601175,00095MIAMI3/7/2012CASH
NEO VERTICA185,000110690 SW 1 CT # 2726173,000113MIAMI3/7/2012CASH
The Loft Downtown147,000010234 NE 3 ST # 905143,00061MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
The Aston120,0001103000 CORAL WY # 911120,00014MIAMI3/8/2012CASH
JOCKEY CLUB100,00022111111 Biscayne Boulevard # 3B90,00095MIAMI3/8/2012CASH
BLUE LAGOON99,8001105077 NW 7th St # 120598,50012MIAMI3/7/2012CASH
SPANISH TRACE91,99911010810 N KENDALL DR # Q870,000226MIAMI3/7/2012CASH
SNAPPER VILLAGE89,6003206534 SW 114 PL # E7570,00016MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
CORAL POINTE85,0002208665 NW 6 LN # 1-21170,000309MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
SUNSET PALMS85,0002209403 SW 76 ST # Y3172,500105MIAMI3/7/2012CASH
JADE WINDS80,9002201670 NE 191 ST # 311-376,00030MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
COURTYARDS AT KENDALL70,0002218500 SW 109 AV # 6-20881,00019MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
ROLLING GREEN CONDO H69,9002201101 NE 191 ST # H30160,00058MIAMI3/6/2012CASH
Fountain Park Village67,5001106920 NW 166 TE # 130559,00043MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
The Square at 62 St65,900110541 NE 62 ST # 257,00063MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
EL CID CONDO65,0001105201 NW 7 ST # 11857,000685MIAMI3/8/2012CASH
NETTI E CONDO60,0003203064 NW 13 ST # 306460,0000MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
Point Bay North Condo59,900110520 NE 38 ST # 1157,00041MIAMI3/8/2012CASH
Coral Pointe50,0002208670 NW 6 LN # 4-10670,00046MIAMI3/7/2012CONV
DADELAND PLACE CONDO49,5001109143 SW 77 AV # B20543,132209MIAMI3/5/2012CASH
LAKE PARK CONDO47,000220940 NE 199 ST # 21450,000140MIAMI3/9/2012CONV
LE MIRAGE CONDO44,9002201290 NE 119 ST # 2A48,00032MIAMI3/6/2012CASH
FIFTH MOORINGS79,5002201401 NE MIAMI GARDENS DR # 39670,000120NMIAMIBC3/7/2012CASH
Wilshire69,5501111300 NE MIAMI GARDENS DR # 203E69,55036NMIAMIBC3/8/2012CASH
WOODSIDE APTS CONDOS58,00011016950 W DIXIE HWY # 52358,10087NMIAMIBC3/6/2012CASH
PORTO BELLAGIO369,00032017150 N BAY RD # 2514340,000188SUNNYISL3/6/2012CONV
EDEN ROC229,00022017900 N BAY RD # 502205,000279SUNNYISL3/7/2012CASH
MARENAS RESORT225,00011018683 COLLINS AV # 603185,00028SUNNYISL3/8/2012CASH
Ocean Reserve190,90011019370 COLLINS AV # 215175,00083SUNNYISL3/6/2012CASH
Champlain Towers South395,9002208777 COLLINS AV # 508370,00091SURFSIDE3/5/2012CASH